Buy Carabao Energy & Sports Drinks

Great tasting low-calorie energy drinks in a variety of light, sparkling fruity flavours.

Carabao creates energy drinks that taste like soft drinks, not thick and syrupy like other energy drinks. Our great taste still has lower sugar and each can only has 63 calories or less, so you get all the flavour without the guilt.

Isotonic Sports Drink
Carabao Sport

Designed for sport by Carabao and trusted by professional football clubs.

Our new great-tasting isotonic sports drink with added B vitamins and electrolytes with 100% natural flavour and colours. Easy to drink, uncarbonated and caffeine-free.

Sparkling Fruit Flavour Energy Drink
Sparkling Fruity Flavours

Five refreshingly light fruity flavours, each taste just like a soft drink!

Energy Drink For All Ocassions
Energy For All Occasions

Pre-workout at the gym, coffee-substitute at a desk or mixer at a party!

Lower Sugar Energy Drink
Lower Sugar

Carabao Energy Drink has no fat, low salt and lower sugar - half the sugar of traditional energy drinks.

Low calorie energy drink
Low Calorie Stimulation

63 cal or less per can, so no guilt or hidden calories to ruin your diet or nutrition plan.

No crash Energy Drink
Energy Without Crash

Get an energy boost without crash thanks to our unique formula of sugar, caffeine and B vitamins.

Vegan Vegetarian Energy Drink
Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians as none of our ingredients are from animals or animal bi-products.